No matter where we are in our journey, a coach champions our cause, offering a “birds-eye view”, an open perspective of how we can evolve, grow, learn, heal, express and tap into the magnificence of oneself.

Meeting Your Expectations

  • Do you seek growth?
  • Do you wish to release old mindsets holding you still?
  • Are you looking to unveil strengths that will expand your pathway of fulfillment and achievement?
  • Are you ready to tap into your awakened sense of self to live a more connected and aligned life?


Through the Guardian of Light Coaching, we offer a 6-week or 12-week healing intention to invite change, goodness, harmony, growth ~ whatever your heart is calling more of into your lifestyle. To release past habits of old, to guide a new way of living, seeing, sensing, and engaging with the world, the people, the relationships, experiences, and opportunities all around you.

Your Pathway of Connection

  • 1 Hour Face time Connection call each week or fortnight, dependent on the pathway of balance you choose to step into.
  • Your coaching time will flow into a combination of readings, journal journeys, learnings, meditations, healing guided regressions, along with ceremonies & sacred activities that are divinely guided to support you through your growth & healing intention.
  • Also included is an in-person or distance Reiki healing at weeks 1, 5, and 11, depending which pathway you commit to.
  • There is a constant flow of connection times and additional calls when needed as layers and learnings rise.
  • You will be wrapped in deep discussions unveiling your personal truths, being held in a space of compassion and understanding. Truly seen and truly heard.

The Guardian of Light gifts you the opportunity of soothing change ~ lovingly supported as we walk a journey together.