Our Online Healing Space offers meditations and monthly resources to nurture your wellbeing thru intentional spiritual practice, along with being a part of the Grace of Light membership group. Your membership offers greater connection as we grow together, sharing in a safe space what is unfolding in our world, as we walk a pathway of enlightenment.

Birthing into reality a life that is more deeply connected to your footsteps of fulfilment, where you lead a life from your higher heart consciousness.

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Clear the Mind

Meditation & intentional wellbeing practice clears the mind and over thinking of choices in our daily life.  Through opening up this clear space, we invite our inner guidance to flow ….

“In the Stillness, the Wisdom flows”

Chakra Balance

Through the tools of meditation & sacred wellbeing practices, we open up healing pathways to cleanse and balance our chakras, offering a strong platform of grace in guiding our daily footsteps of connection and life fulfillment.

Sense of Calm

Meditation & guided wellbeing practice offer immense benefits on all levels. Through the power of connecting to your breath and bringing yourself back to centre, you invite a deep sense of calm into your world.

Enhance Connection

Connection through meditation & practices that enhance our higher heart consciousness flows to peace, flows to intuition, flows to clarity and the receiving of soul whispers that guide us in our journey.



What am I signing up for?

This is a monthly or yearly subscription offering a place to grow and nurture your wellbeing thru intentional spiritual practice and the connection to meditations, resources and a private membership group

What do the meditations include?

A beautiful selection of nurturing meditations varying in length and content to support your wellbeing whilst enhancing your capacity to live a connected and soul fulfilling journey.

Where has the meditation content come from?

All of the meditations and Grace of Light resources offered within our online healing space are intuitively guided by Zandra and Karen to support you in harnessing your soul energy and soul connection.

How do I cancel my subscription?

This is a rollover subscription membership. Click on Account > Subscriptions > Cancel. You will receive an email to confirm your cancellation, please check your junk emails if you don’t see this in your inbox.

Alternativity, you can Contact Us, within 7 days of your subscription rollover date so we can organise this for you.