Reiki Training

LEVEL 1  •  $344   |    LEVEL 2  •  $444    |    LEVEL 3  •  $677

Through an attunement in Reiki you will learn to receive & guide the movement of healing energy from universal source. Through the transfer of this energy, which flows with the intention of pure love, learnings flow, blocks are shifted, wellbeing is nurtured, and chakras are aligned and balanced. Reiki offers growth in your senses and your observations, through awakening new levels of vibration that build your self~belief and capacity to welcome healing change into your world and the world of others.

Reiki Training

Your teacher: Zandra Dol – Usui Reiki Master (practising since 2014)

What will this training course offer you?

  • Wisdom and history of Reiki.
  • Chakras and their flow of life force.
  • How to guide Reiki energy in self-healing, as well as the healing of friends and family.
  • Self-development and heightened self-awareness.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • And a deeper connection to your intuition.
  • On completion of all courses you will receive a resource manual, certificate of achievement as well as on-going guidance & support.
  • It is asked that you receive a Reiki healing within 1-2 weeks prior to your training to welcome in an open platform of balanced energy to receive your attunement ~ note your healing is included in the investment for your Reiki training.

In Level 2:

Expansion this training offers …..

  • Enhanced confidence in responding to your senses as you connect with a deeper array of healing sacred energies, symbols and guides.
  • Greater connection and understanding with 3 of the 5 Reiki symbols that amp up the flow of chi energy & your intuition.
  • The capacity to heal from afar ~ the land, the ocean, its people, its plants ~ wherever your heart is calling you to heal, you will be guided into sending love, peace, hope and change.

(Please note we ask to view your Level 1 Reiki Certificate to participate in this course).

In Level 3:

You will be introduced to the final 2 of the 5 sacred Reiki symbols as you deeply immerse yourself into the energy of Reiki, expanding your higher heart consciousness and enhancing your understanding of the depth that each chakra, meridian line and energetic realm offers in healing. Along with navigating a healing pathway thru the Akashic Records to heal Past Lives, and also learning how to attune, train and teach others to guide the energy of Reiki. The Masters training pathway transforms your lens of spiritual connection and beyond.

(Please note we ask to view your Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certificate, as part of your application process to join in this course).

In Level 2 & 3:

You will be guided in how to respect and honour the pure intent and ancient wisdom of the Reiki symbols, opening up & deepening your understanding of the vibration they offer to support you in guiding healing energy, whilst also transforming your spiritual toolkit and higher consciousness.

Please contact us to register your interest so we can advise you of our next Reiki training dates.