Early in our journey we learnt the art of meditation. It became a key tool that supported our wellbeing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The more we invited meditation into our daily and weekly practice, the more we started to develop a beautiful relationship with our intuitive connection, affirming the faith and trust we had in the guidance that flowed for the highest good of ourselves and others. It is our passion to share the gift of meditation with you, for it offers such a sacred space to heal, to breathe, to love, to release, and to whole heartedly embrace the beautiful soul that you are.

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Feel free to enjoy the following meditations for a taste of the meditations available to you when you join our online meditation space
(Note when you join you will have access to meditations that vary in content & length – 10, 20, 30 minutes… to support your wellbeing)

  1. Giving Thanks & Gratitude House of Light 10:22
  2. A Trio of Angels to Inspire Faith & Strength House of Light 33:30
  3. Connect to Life's Beauty with Archangel Jophiel House of Light 20:11


Clear the Mind

Meditation offers the opportunity to clear the mind from the busyness and over thinking of choices in our daily life. Through learning to ease the mind chatter, we allow the space for our inner guidance to flow …. “In the Stillness, the Wisdom flows”

Chakra Balance

From chakra cleansing & balancing, to connecting with your Guardian Angel and angelic team, you will gain beautiful support & insight from our array of meditations to guide you in your journey…. “I give thanks for the gift of connection through meditation”.

Sense of Calm

Meditation offers immense benefits on a physical, emotional and mental level. The power of connecting to your breath, supports the body in lowering stress and inviting a deep sense of calm into your mind and body …. “As I feel my breath, my world becomes centred and calm”.

Enhance Connection

We are often asked from people, how can they enhance their spiritual and intuitive connection, how can they better hear their soul’s guidance? The answer is simple, through meditation….. “Silence isn’t empty, it is full of answers”.


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  • Enjoy unlimited access to our meditation collection that is updated regularly with new content

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What am I signing up for?

This is a monthly or yearly subscription where you gain unlimited access to our intuitively guided meditations to connect with, and listen to, as and when you wish.

What do the meditations include?

A wide selection of meditation content from chakra balancing, restful and nurturing meditation journeys, thru to meditations that will introduce and connect you with your Guardian Angel, Archangels, your wider Angelic team as well as opening your awareness to the tools that can support you in enhancing your intuitive connection and spiritual journey.

Where has the meditation content come from?

These are intuitively guided meditations that have been channelled by Karen and Zandra that are only found in this online space or if you join them in the Meditation Groups they offer at the House of Light.

How do I cancel my subscription?

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Alternativity, you can Contact Us, within 7 days of your subscription rollover date so we can organise this for you.