Providing a wellbeing space for meditation, healing, and intuitive connection, to support people in embracing their life journey.
Dol Sisters

Where it all started

From a young age both Karen and Zandra were introduced to their intuitive connection.


Karen recalls the first memory of her journey with her spiritual gifts was at the age of five, when her Grandfather passed away and feeling the knowing he was around, but also a knowing of things actually happening before they did. This gift of prophecy and mediumship grew as she grew, and with no mentors to guide her, it became a very overwhelming experience by the time they lost their Dad when she was aged eleven. Consequently Karen fought a battle with her gifts over the next 20 years, often facing periods of dark times, yet the learnings and growth she experienced saw her become a stronger person. In 2013 she was introduced to a beautiful mentor that taught her the tools and understanding of her spiritual gifts, most importantly teaching her to feel safe and to not fear what she could do for herself and others with these gifts.


For Zandra, her first intuitive memory was dreaming about her Dad’s passing at the age of seven. The intensity and lack of understanding to process this experience saw her try to block her spiritual connection for many years out of fear and discomfort of the unknown. Throughout her teenage years she was introduced to her ability to sense and feel physical ailments in people around her, with her deepest personal learnings and insight resulting from starting to intuitively heal her own physical injuries. Coupled with a deep desire and soul calling to help others, Zandra embraced the opportunity in 2014 to be mentored thru understanding how to flow in alignment with her intuitive connection, and by training to become a reiki healer.

Their connection together

As they each connected to their spiritual pathway, sisters Karen and Zandra started to provide healing services and guidance, in sharing their gifts through a wellbeing business in 2015. Originally they started from a healing space at home, also hiring a local community facility on a weekly basis to offer meditation groups, as well as spending many weekends at Wellbeing Fairs offering Past Life Readings. As part of their journey they found that as they opened up to deepening their learnings, finding mentors and life tools to enhance their intuitive connection and spiritual gifts, they felt most at peace stepping into their soul purpose as healers and teachers, with the intention to create a beautiful ripple effect that would flow out to all who connected with them. In 2018 they were divinely guided to take a “leap of faith” together and open their own sacred healing hub, the “House of Light”.

Our thoughts today

We feel truly blessed to have such a beautiful healing space, where people can connect with an array of services to support them in their journey. Each day in the cocoon of this sacred healing space, we give thanks and gratitude for the gifts we have been guided to lovingly embrace, but most importantly, we give thanks for the precious souls we are blessed to meet and guide as they heal and re-connect with the pure loving essence of themselves.


With heartfelt love and blessings,

Karen and Zandra

Meet your

Spiritual Coaches

Wellbeing Leaf
Zandra Dol

Zandra Dol

Soul Guide

Through my learnings and healing journey, I have embraced becoming a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, a Certified Angel Guide and Angelic Intuitive Mentor, who lovingly guides and supports you to discover your truth and your potential as you step forward and open up to the opportunities for peace, harmony, alignment and joy in your world.

Karen Dol

Karen Sutton

Spiritual Life Coach

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Qualified Reiki & Crystal Healer, and Certified Angel Guide Practitioner. I embrace the journeys of others by connecting with your angelic team to support, heal and offer tools to grow your inner light. With your angels, I can help you to open the doors to the amazing journey your life should be.